M8 x 20mm A4 316 Marine Grade Interscrews

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Product Details
Brand: Swiftfix
Type: Interscrews
Head Style: Small Raised Countersunk
Extra Features: Male part sold separately
Drive Style: Slotted
Diameter: M8
Length: 20mm
Material: A4 316 Stainless Steel
Units in product: 1 Interscrew
Price per unit: Price per 1
Length (l): 20 mm
Diameter of head (dk): 15
Height of head (k): 3.0
Diameter (d): 8 mm
Drive shape: Slot
Head shape: Raised countersunk head
Tensile strength: 50

Marine grade A4 316 stainless steel Interscrews.

Often used in boat windows or fixing two panels together with a decorative head.

The Interscrews have a small raised countersunk head with a slotted drive.

Customers use various head forms that we can provide in many different lengths.

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