M10 x 20 Joint Connector Nuts A2 Stainless Steel Torx Pin Security Pack of 10

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Product Details
Brand: Swiftfix
Type: Interscrew
Drive Style: Torx TX45 Security
Diameter: M10
Length: 20mm
Thread Length: 14mm
Head Size Width: 18.0mm
Head Height: 5.8mm
Material: A2
Material Specification: A3 304 Stainless Steel
Head style: Button Head Security
Box Quantity: 10
Drive: TX45 Pin
Units in product: 100
Price per unit: 0.15 each

Torx Pin Security Joint Connector Nuts or Barrel Nuts in A2 Stainless Steel.
These have security Torx Pin Button Head Drives.

Ideal for an attractive secure finish from both sides of the work piece.

We sell a complete range of Torx Pin or Hex Pin Button Head screws in stainless to complement this range.

Stainless Steel Security Joint Connector Nuts. These can be used in Playgrounds, Signage, Hollow Doors, Cubicles, Windows, Street Furniture etc
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