Eurotec Timber Wall Extending Brace

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Product Details
Brand: Eurotec Germany
Type: Steel Timber Wall Brace
Extra Features: Heavy Duty
More Features: Fine Adjustment
Diameter: 1600mm - 3000mm
Material Specification: High Tensile Steel
Finish: Galvanised
Box Quantity: 1
Units in product: 1

Timber Wall Support Brace with fine adjustment from 1600mm up to 3000mm.

13 stop adjustments at 106mm each and a fine adjustment of 190mm.

Makes the assembly of prefabricated walls significantly easier

Thanks to their high loading capacity, the Eurotec wall supports can support walls until they are fully assembled and fixed. Reducing any risks and safety problems and therefore taking the place of many helping hands. A locking pin system allows especially quick and easy adjustment of the wall support's height. Subsequent fine adjustment is also possible using threaded rods.


• Universal application

• Easy operation

• Fast assembly

• Almost no force needed from the user

• Very secure and sturdy

• Saves time

Maximum 45 degree

Extends 1600mm - 3000mm

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