Eurotec Profi Line S Hi Load Pedestals 30 -53mm

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Profi-Line adjustable feet

The adjustable feet PRO are suitable for timber and stone terraces in various installation heights.

The new Profi-Line series of adjustable feet consists of three adjustable feet of different heights. Their assembly height can be altered with extension rings.

From now on, we can offer you a modular system: innovative, universal, versatile and user-friendly!

The new series of adjustable feet is completed by three different types of adapter:

  • L adapters – for classic timber substructures or modern aluminium substructures
  • Click adapters – for clicking Eurotec aluminium profiles into place in a time-saving manner
  • Stone adapters – for laying stone slabs
  • Properties / Advantages:

  • High load bearing capacity of up to 8.0 kN / foot
  • Ground assembly heights of 3.0–11.7 cm
  • Height can be increased with extension ring
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Resistant to weather, UV exposure, insects and rot
  • This allows you to adapt the PRO adjustable feet to your individual requirements and local conditions in a quick and

    straightforward manner.

    * The quoted load-bearing capacities represent recommended values. With these loads, the adjustable feet only deform by approx. 2 mm. The load-bearing capacity before actual breakage is several times higher.

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