4.5mm x 70mm Double Countersunk Torx TX20 (Star Drive) A2 Stainless Steel Wood Screws 42mm Part thread Boxed in 100s

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Stainless Steel A2 304 Torx Drive (Star) Double Countersunk Screws available in extra long lengths.

The TX inner multi-tooth drive allows the screw to be easily and securely screwed in when the screw is attached and countersunk.

No predrilling 
 is not needed, even in most hardwoods. But given the many different 
properties of hardwoods we would always recommend testing before use.

European technical approval ETA 11/0283 (Diameter 3,0 and 3,5 not component in the approval)

- partial thread
- countersunk 90°
- double countersunk head
- TX inner multi-tooth
- standard tip
- at Diameter 10, 8 and at 6 x 140mm ribs under the head
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