230mm x 70mm x 100mm Wood to Concrete HB Shearing Angle

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With the HB flat shearing angle you can absorb shearing forces in the field of modern timber construction. The product is used in timber frame construction. Any loads that occur can be transferred into the concrete by means of an additional pressure plate.


  • HB flat shearing angle: Galvanised S250
  • Thickness of the HB flat shearing angle: 3 mm
  • Pressure plate of the HB flat shearing angle: Galvanised S235
  • Thickness of the HB flat shearing angle's pressure plate's material: 12 mm


  • For assembly on concrete
  • Very high shear load-bearing capacity due to a new fixing concept
  • Few connectors required
  • With our pressure plate tensile forces can be absorbed


  • European Technical Assessment ETA-19/0020

ETA Approval: ETA-19/0020

Object of approval:

Three-dimensional nailing plate (hold-downs for timber-to-timber or timber-to-concrete or steel connections)

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