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Pal Nuts Din 7967 (Counter Nuts)


DIN 7967 Self Locking Counter Nut is the most common name used for these stamped sheet metal check-nuts, also known as Pal® Nuts.

The Din 7967 Self Locking Counter Nut work in such a manor that allows them to distort under load and return to their original shape in the threaded area because they are made form a spring like steel. Din 7967 self locking counter nuts (Pal® Nut) are unique in terms of been light weight and having low profile (height) and the ability to be tightened with an internal wrench (or finger tightening), maeaning it provides a vibration resistant locking action while still usable in small and tricky areas where space is restricted.

The DIN 7967 Self Locking Counter Nuts are available in various materials and finishes including steel zinc, steel galv, stainless steel and available in sizes ranging from M4 to M52 with larger diameters manufactured to order.


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